Написать сказку на английском. 5-6 предложений

18 марта 2012

написать сказку на английском. 5-6 предложений

  • Once upon a time in a  land full of magic here was appeared an awful ugly witch. She was the oldest and the evilest witch in the whole world. And she said to people, who lived in this country: «You are all my slaves, and I`m your queen now». Poor people were afraid of her and agreed to be her servants. But one boy was the bravest boy. And he said «No, I pronibit you to be our queen. You are not ugly or evil, you are just a poor woman, and nothing more.» And the witch suddenly realized, that these words were true. She apologised and dissappeared from this country. And this boy became the king. And he was the bravest and the most honest king in the world. 
  • One day there was a boy, called Jim. He had a rich father. When he was a child, he didn’t study, as he thought , that he will have a lot of money. The years passed. Jim passed the exams, but couldn’t find a job and was a poor man.The idea of the story is that you have to study, even if you are rich

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